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Author Topic: What to do BEFORE asking staff  (Read 3257 times)
« on: May 20, 2012, 01:02:21 pm »

What to do, before resorting to asking a staff member

People seem to ask staff members a lot of questions which require extremely long explanations. As typing the entire answer into minecraft (with its annoying ~2 line limit) can be frustrating, as well as impractical. To try and avoid explanations like this being necessary so often, I'll try and use this post to provide answers to the most common questions, which are a pain for staff to answer, or should just not be asked.

Part One, What Have You Tried?

Have you looked anywhere? If your for example just looking for a simple command, it can often be easier to google search "bukkit <plugin-name> commands" than to wait for busy staff to be able to reply to your question. Also ask your friends who play minecraft, faction members whatever, but for simple command help, staff should be a last resort.

If you want to know more about how to find answers to questions, here is a great little blog post xkq showed me relating to the topic: whathaveyoutried.com

Part two, check in spawn

All rules, and information regarding any custom plugins on the server is documented in spawn through signs. Look there! All you have to do it type "/spawn"!

Part three, look here!

At the end of the post, I included a little list of some questions i get, and their answers, as well as a list of questions which you already have the too, and may just have not known how to get them! Hopefully this will be helpful for any obscure questions not covered here.

Part four, ask staff

Now you've done your due diligence, ask away! We're happy to help as long as it's not a question that we quite frankly shouldn't have to answer!

An important note when asking staff:

Please keep in mind that ONLY ADMINS can spawn in items, and worledit. So if a viceroy or lower gives you items, they are taking form their stuff which they earned legitimately. (also, don't get mad at them if they don't give you items as they likely don't want to loose their stuff)

Even admins who can spawn items are only permitted to refund your items under very specific circumstances, so if you don't get your items back, don't go blaming the admin, just realize that this has happend to many other people, and pretty much none of them got their stuff back.


This FAQ covers general questions we recieve a lot, if you've been jailed, look below this for the Jail FAQ

while JFX's FAQ is very well made, it lacks a lot of non-plugin related questions, and doesn't cover all plugins, so i'm attempting to fill in the gap with this! (Note some of the questions are more of complaints than questions, but you get the idea)

Q: I used my diamonds to make diamond armor and I can't use it or get it back!
A: Simply place a diamond block next to a furnace, and right click the diamond block with the diamond armor. Doing so should return the components used to make the armor. (aka your diamonds) This works for iron armor as well, except you must use an iron block)

Q: Where is the "shopping district"?
A: Go to spawn (use "/spawn") and turn about 90 degrees to the left. There are shops all throughout that giant courtyard.

Q: Why am I in creative?
A: We know your lying in an attempt to get an admin to /gamemode you while you're actually in survival thus putting you into creative. Nice try, we know this trick, and the admin will simply type /gamemode <player> 0, thus forcing you into survival, not toggling your gamemode. For those of you actually in creative, (though the odds of that are... VERY unlikely) thank you for being honest.

Q: Can you worldedit our base to bedrock?
A: No. (you would be surprised how often people ask this...)

Q: I got kicked from the server by staff after being hit by someone. As such I combat logged, and lost all my stuff! What do I do?
A: By breaking the rule you were kicked for, you put yourself in danger of combat logging. This is your fault, and you have to accept the consequences for breaking the rule, whatever they may be. If however you were kicked for no good reason, create a thread in the staff forum topic, and explain exactly what happened

Q: How do i get out of spawn!!!!????
A: go to /spawn, turn around, walk down the stairs, and click on one of the [Warp] signs at the bottom. These will take you to the exits of spawn.

Q: Someone raided me!
A: This is allowed... read the signs in spawn please

Q: I kicked someone from my faction and their giving away our coords!
A: They are allowed to do this. It's a dick move, but you were the one that kicked them, so you brought it upon yourself.

Q: Someone randomly left my faction and is giving away our coords!
A: Unlike before, this is indeed a form of faction betrayal! Alert a staff of the situation asap so the player can be dealt with before the entire server know your location!

Q: <some player>  IS HACKING!!!! GAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
A: Please don't say this in public chat! That will just alert them that we might start watching them, and they will of course, (assuming they have a brain) stop hacking. A better response to seeing a hacker would be: /helpop <some player> IS HACKING!!!! GAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Jail FAQ

Q: How much time do I have left in jail!! or why was i jailed!
A: use /jailstatus, it will tell you who jailed you, why, and for what amount of time.

Q: I was falsely jailed!
A: Sorry, but unless you have proof of your being jailed falsely, we can't help you. We trust our staff, and before jailing you, staff are REQUIRED to teleport to you and watch for suspicious activity. If you don't see them doing this, it it likely because they are invisible while watching you.

Q: An admin told me to forceupdate, but I don't know how!
A: watch this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xLeCYHpDL0&feature=related

Q: I forceupdated! May I be let out now?
A: It depends, if it is your first offense? If it is, (and don't try to lie, we have a plugin called profiler which logs all offenses of various rules, so we know how many times you've repeated the crime) we will let you out. If not, you must serve your full jailtime.

Q: I forceupdate and it's my first offense, and I STILL haven't been let out!
A: You will only be let out if you are cooperative and carry out the requests of the staff member. Some examples of being not cooperative would be: flying around in jail even after being caught, pretending to forceupdate, but not forceupdating (trust me, there are pretty simple ways of telling if you actually forceupdated), and constantly insulting the staff for "falsely jailing you" and calling them an "abusive staff member". Doing any of the above things will likely result in you not being let out.

A: Unless you're proved innocent, or forceupdate, (if it's your first offense) No.

A: unless further evidence about the case comes up which shows your role was less significant in the crime than the original evidence showed, No.

Q: <player-name> is flying in jail!
A: The staff have been instructed to not do anything if there are players flying in jail. We just ignore them, and if they are still hacking upon being let out, we simply re-jail them for longer.

Q: So and so is hacking!!! BAN THEM NOW PL0X
A: We don't ban just for hacking. Firstly, we have to investigate, and have proof of this before we can take any action. Secondly, bans are rarely given out, and when they are, they are only given to players who are continually caught hacking.

Q: What clientside mods AM i allowed to use!
A: You can use a chat improver, and a keybind mod of your choosing. (I use "the macro keybind mod" for example) so long as that mod doesn't have any features besides chat improvements, and keybinds. For example your "keybind mod" cannot include a xray feature. As far as what a disallowed feature means, please use common sense.

Q: But it thought i was allowed to have flyhacks D:
A: Rule 7 says: No hacks or other weird shit. This includes flyhacks (hence the hacks part), it's your responsibility to know the rules, and it's not ours to tell you them.

A: Possibly, but not if you keep asking XD, see my forum post on the matter

And thus concludes your guide to how to get help! If you've tried everything and still don't know what the hell is going on, BY ALL MEANS, ask a staff, it's not that we don't like questions, it's just we don't have enough time to answer all of them! Thanks for reading! -Slam
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« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2012, 01:35:51 pm »

Very nice Slam i appluad u for making this
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2012, 03:47:44 pm »

thanks! I wonder if i could get this post frozen at the top of of the thread as that would help ppl see it and would make the lives of staff members a hell of a lot easier XD

EDIT: ok, apparently now that im a forum mod i can sticky things XD
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Dimply! =3

« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2012, 11:42:52 pm »

The mumble download link is not a video? .......

Maybe also change the thread name, as I took it to mean 'how to get staff'.
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2012, 02:45:53 pm »

OK, i fixed the video link
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