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General Discussion / Re: You should play warframe, and here's why.
« Last post by Taribrill on May 03, 2017, 09:38:16 pm »
Have you played this game yet?
MineSworn Craigslist / Re: Buying dantdm coords ill pay 20k for them
« Last post by LWhisley on April 05, 2017, 02:15:54 am »
If not, I would not know such a good story.
General Discussion / Re: Screenshots From When I First Joined Minesworn Cerca 2011
« Last post by LWhisley on April 05, 2017, 02:14:21 am »
I think there should be a better way.
General Discussion / Re: A tutorial about magic.
« Last post by GarretSidzaka on February 26, 2017, 11:38:36 am »
this is awesome!
General Discussion / Re: UN Vetos of the USA
« Last post by Henry Flynn on February 13, 2017, 11:09:27 pm »
Really hasn't been any proposal introduced on the floor of the UN. Assignment Help
General Discussion / A tutorial about magic.
« Last post by Eternal on December 28, 2016, 03:07:53 pm »
MineSworn has it's very own custom magic plugin! The spells that you can cast can either hurt other players, heal you, or be somewhat useful.

To find a list of the spells that you can use, simply type /c list
To cast one of these spells, simply type /c [spell]
For example, /c fireball or /c lightning

For convenience, some spells are automatically binded to items! These items are:

Coal has the following spells binded to it:
- /c firenova
- /c fireball
- /c melt

Firenova creates an expanding ring of fire around you.
Fireball launches a fireball with a 3x3 radius of fire upon impact with the ground.
Melt launches a fiery lava geyser from beneath your opponent's feet.

Arrow has the following spells binded to it:
- /c cripple
- /c snatcharrows
- /c volley
- /c creeparrow

Crippls slows down your enemies.
Snatcharrows steals your opponents arrows if they are using a bow.
Volley launches numerous arrows at once in one direction.
Creeparrow is an explosive arrow.

TNT has the following spells binded to it:
- /c antioch

Antioch allows players to place a single bit of TNT wherever they click, once every 24 hours. This works in enemy territory and can be used to blast a hole in walls for easy access to other player's bases. Be careful not to accidentally use it against yourself!

Gunpowder has the following spells attached to it:
- /c chainlightning
- /c drinkbooze
- /c chainfireball

Chainlightning shoots three thunderbolts in quick succession.
Drinkbooze makes you drunk :P
Chainfireball shoots three fireballs consecutively.

Bone has the following spells attached to it:
- /c nvg
- /c pain
- /c poison
- /c drainlife
- /c silence

nvg is a night vision spell. It lasts for 20 seconds.
Pain causes your opponent pain for a short period.
Poison inflicts the poison condition upon your opponent for a few seconds.
Drainlife does damage to your opponent and restores your health.
Silence doesn't really do anything except mute your target. (I don't think it works though lol)
Support and Help / A tutorial about airships.
« Last post by Eternal on December 27, 2016, 03:09:20 pm »
AutoCraft is MineSworn's custom airship plugin. It enables players to build their own airships and fly them around the map. They are used for raiding and transportation. Most airships are capable of firing TNT long distances, and others can drop flaming hot napalms that leave a ring of fire and disaster upon the place in which they strike. This tutorial will explain how to make an airship, the different types of airships, and how to fire TNT and drop napalms and torpedoes.

First off, let's start with the different ships available for every player.
There are 3 main types of airships, and each has a different purpose and usage. Let's start by making a list of each ship, and what they can and can't do.

- The battle ship is primarily made out of endstone. You can add glass to it so you can see out of your ship too.
- The minimum amount of blocks you can have on a battle ship is 30 and the maximum is 200.
- The battle ship moves at a rate of approximately 15 blocks per few seconds.
- The battle ship can drop napalms, torpedoes and fire TNT.

- The dreadnought is primarily made out of obsidian. You can add glass to it so you can see out of your ship too.
- The minimum amount of blocks you can have on a dreadnought 75, and the maximum you can have is 200.
- The dreadnought moves at a rate of approximately 15 blocks per few seconds.
- The dreadnought can drop napalms and fire TNT, but CANNOT drop torpedoes.

- The airship is primarily made out of wool. You can add glass to it so you can see out of your ship too.
- The minimum amount of blocks you can have on an airship is 30and the maximum is 100.
- The airship moves at a rate of approximately 10 blocks per few seconds.
- The airship can drop torpedoes and can fire TNT.

Now that the 3 main ship types have been established, let's go into some basics about the ships themselves.
Airships can be built in any way that you want, as long as they DO NOT touch the ground or surrounding blocks, they MUST be floating! As long as you read and follow the minimum and maximum build limits, you should have no troubles. Blocks that ARE NOT specified to be apart of a ship (E.g endstone for the battle ship) will be considered foreign blocks and not allow your ship to fly. Some blocks are allowed but to be safe, just stick to the basics.

Once your airship has been successfully constructed, you have to pilot it! To do this, you use the command /ac pilot [Ship Type]
For example, if you built a battle ship and wanted to pilot it, you would stand upon it and type /ac pilot battle or /ac p battle for short. Once piloted, simply right click in the direction that you would like to travel. For some reason, clicking with your fist is sometimes unresponsive, so instead, hold a tool such as a sword and right click. You can move, left and right, up and down as you choose, but DO NOT collide with other blocks otherwise your ship may become stuck.

If you want you ship to fire TNT, make sure your ship can first by reading about the ship types above. Once you're certain your ship can shoot TNT, attach a dispenser to it with the opening of the dispenser facing outwards, not pointing up or down. Fill the dispenser with TNT before you pilot the ship, and once you are piloting it and ready to fire, simply type /ac fire and your TNT will go flying into the distance! If you want your TNT to shoot further, simply place iron blocks behind the dispenser (maximum 4). Each iron block adds some distance to how far your TNT will be shot.

Once you step off your ship or unpilot it using /ac dismount, your ship will slowly fall to the ground, as it obeys gravity. If your ship hits the ground, unfortunately it will be stuck there unless you remove all the blocks that it is touching. The best idea is to align it with one block that's floating and let it fall onto that, so once you want to re-pilot it, you simply destroy that one block and then pilot! You can also put foreign blocks that aren't meant to be on your ship as a sort of lock. Players can use your airships even if they are in your faction territory so add a block such as dirt to your ship when you're not using it to prevent other players stealing it.

You can rotate an airship by piloting it and typing /ac turn left or /ac turn right

Now let's discuss napalms and torpedoes.

Napalms are bombs that can be dropped that can break obsidian. They also leave a ring of fire burning around the site of impact, and can be a lethal way to take out your opponents. To use one, find an airship that is capable of dropping them, and attach a dispenser facing downwards. Fill it with TNT, as you would a normal cannon, but also add flint n' steels to it. You need 1 flint n' steel and 1 TNT for every napalm. Once the cannon is loaded, simply type /ac napalm to drop your bomb!

A torpedo is used to destroy blocks that are concealed or covered by water. They can also break through obsidian like the napalms, but DO NOT leave a ring of fire. They work like the napalms, however instead of putting flint n' steels into the dispenser, you replace them with diamonds. So overall, a torpedo consists of TNT and diamonds. To drop your torpedo, simply type /ac torpedo

That should just about do it for the airships! Build airships for whatever you need (raiding / transport / fun) and hopefully you enjoy our server!
If you have anymore questions, you can make a forums post, or preferably, contact an admin in-game.

~Written By EternalExistence.
Support and Help / A tutorial about guns.
« Last post by Eternal on December 27, 2016, 01:48:35 pm »

This is a tutorial about the guns we have on MineSworn. They are very simple and will take no longer than a few minutes to read. You can revisit this link as many times as you need if you forget, but there are also helpful reminders at spawn.

Before we start, it must be mentioned that ALL guns are fired using the LEFT-CLICK. So hold a gun in your hand, and LEFT-CLICK. The most common guns on MineSworn are all hoes (gold hoe, iron hoe e.t.c) and each has a corresponding ammunition source, which will be explained below. All guns are available to all players and can either be crafted, found, or bought in the spawn shop or from other players.

What guns do we have, and what ammunition do they require?

-First up, we have the pistol. The pistol is simply a wooden hoe, and the ammunition for this gun is SNOWBALLS. It is a short-range weapon that packs a nasty punch if you can get it's hideous accuracy under control.

-Secondly, we have the shotgun. The shotgun is simply a stone hoe, and the ammunition for this gun is SEEDS. It is a short-range weapon that can have devastating effects up close!

-Thirdly, we have the sniper. The sniper is simply a gold hoe, and the ammunition for this gun is FLINT. It is a long-range weapon with a high damage output and can have monstrous impact in a battle. Sit back, snipe off your enemies and enjoy their loot fly all over the ground.

-Fourthly, we have the rifle. The rifle is simply and iron hoe, and the ammunition for this gun is CLAY BALL. It is a mid-range weapon with a high damage output and can be influential in a victory.

-Fifthly, we have the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher is simply a diamond hoe, and the ammunition for this gun is TNT. It is a slow-moving medium-range weapon that has an explosive blast radius capable of knocking players back many blocks.

-Sixthly, we have the flamethrower. The flamethrower is simply a flint n' steel, and the ammunition for this gun is NETHERWART. It is a short-range weapon capable of burning foes to a crisp.

- Seventhly, we have the machine gun. This gun is simply an iron horse armour, and the ammunition is GOLD NUGGETS. It is a mid-range weapon with a high damage output and capable of firing many shots in quick succession.

-Finally, we have the crossbow blaster. This "gun" is simply a bow, and the ammunition is REDSTONE DUST. It is a long-range weapon with an explosive element to it. It doubles up as a regular bow, as well as an explosive crossbow.

Hopefully this helped you learn about the guns, if you need any more help, you can always ask the friendly staff online for more information!

~Written By EternalExistence.
General Discussion / You should play warframe, and here's why.
« Last post by Pugpower24 on September 14, 2016, 06:13:46 pm »

Why Is Warframe So Badass? Here's Why...
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Digital Extremes crafted an amazing free-to-play, third-person hybrid action-shooter in Warframe. Technically the game is just a more polished up version of their 2008 outing Dark Sector, but the “polish” has turned the game into something for the ages, making it one of the most badass free-to-play games on the market right now.

The game originally launched last year to little fanfare but managed to grow a strong community based on the game's infectious lore and equally infectious gameplay. Basically, the story revolves around an ancient race of space ninjas known as the Tenno, who must serve and protect the interests of the galaxy from various overlords amassing their forces in the hostile alien races known as the Grineer and the Corpus. Simply enough, players in the role of the Tenno must don their Warframe bioskins (yes, the Warframes grow on the Tenno like skin) and sabotage, destroy, and disrupt the forces of the Corups and Grineer.

The very basic plot outline sounds like typical MMO fanfare but my goodness does it work and work well, mostly because it's set against the motif of space-Ronin without proper masters doing all that they can to save the galaxy. The game starts when the Excalibur Tenno is freed from his chamber while Grineer forces are trying to collect and breed their own Warframes from the Tenno race, and that's where players hop in and start kicking butt and taking names. The actual tutorial stage is short, sweet and simple and doesn't even begin to tackle some of the more complex elements of the game.

So how complex is the game? Well, the story is barebones, the dialogue is simple and the quests are all mostly repetitive and circulate around the same formula. What makes Warframe so complex and so badass is that the gameplay is just balls-to-the-walls awesome. You can wall-run (which isn't anything new), you can climb up anything you can reach, you can backflip off anything solid and you can shoot dodge like nobody's business.

The game also has a variety of melee weapons that offer very, very, very different styles of play. For instance, using the dual-bladed pole-ax is nothing like using a long blade, or dual daggers, or boxing the crap out of enemies with modified armored hands. Each melee weapon requires a completely different approach to the gameplay that's rarely seen in many games. The attention to detail in the combat is one of those added reasons why Digital Extreme's free-to-play shooter is so addictive and yet so versatile in its approach to a tried and true gameplay format.

But it doesn't end there... you can combine your melee combat with seamless transitions into special powers and abilities on a whim. Even more than that, you can transition from your powers and abilities (or melee combat) into shooting with your primary or secondary weapons with ease. For example, you can run across the side of a wall, jump off, split an enemy right down the middle with a sword (literally, split them down the middle Mortal Kombat-style) and then do a sideways flip and land a headshot while in mid-air, blowing the brains clean out of another enemy (and yes, you can see the brain particles fly if the graphics are turned up enough).

The above example isn't even a remote exaggeration but more like an under-representation for some of the absolutely mega-badass things you can pull off in the game. It's insane.

And did I happen to mention you can customize your weapon stats, affixes and abilities like a micromanaging RPG fanatic? Well, you can. You want to freeze enemies with every pistol shot? No prob. How about combine fire and ice together along with electrical damage so that they burn, freeze and then convulse on the ground in a single swipe from your warhammer? Sure can do. Increased critical damage for fast-as-a-fly instant kill headshots? Done and done.

While the game is as grindy as a butcher factory, the fact that the gameplay is fun more than makes up for it. Even more than this, all that fancy-schmancy Matrix-style, space-ninja stuff you can pull off isn't done to the effect of boredom. The game's difficulty scales like a crazy mofo. Instead of choosing a difficulty, the planets themselves work as the difficulty factor – the further out into the solar system you go, the harder it gets.

The best part about Warframe's difficulty is that the game isn't artificially difficult. Yeah, a lot of you know exactly what I mean. Saints Row, Call of Duty, Mercenaries, Just Cause and Uncharted are prime culprits of having difficulty that scales artificially, and by that I mean that the AI isn't smarter, it's just more of them standing around and shooting incessantly without missing. It's a cop-out on difficulty.

In Warframe the AI takes cover, calls for reinforcements, uses ship panels to lockdown areas or suppress players. It's difficulty done right and forces players to adapt cooperatively and get out of a situation using both skill and intelligence. Again, it's difficulty done right and this is just another reason why Warframe is so badass.

After fixing some of the mod cards, balancing some of the Warframes themselves and expanding the universe, the game has come a long way since launch and offers players a really unique free-to-play experience that's hard to find anywhere else. Maiet will have their work cut out for them in Gunz 2.

You can hop right into action on Warframe right now on PC, or wait for the holiday season and play the game completely free-of-charge on the PlayStation 4 as one of the prime launch titles for Sony's next-generation home console.

General Discussion / Screenshots From When I First Joined Minesworn Cerca 2011
« Last post by hyperterdle6 on September 03, 2016, 10:58:32 pm »
The earliest screen shot I took of the server dates back to 7-5-2011
All images are in chronological order from top being the oldest to bottom being the "newest"
(more Screenshots will come)
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